The Surprising Benefits of Liposuction

The nation’s fourth most popular cosmetic procedure, according to The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), may have some surprising health benefits that you didn’t know about. As we all know, procedures like laser liposuction removes excess fat and generally leaves most patients with a better looking body and a new attitude. But studies in recent years have found that getting liposuction may reduce the amount of harmful fat circulating in the blood and lower your risk of heart disease.


The American Society of Plastic Surgeons in Denver had found that patients who started with high triglycerides in their blood ended up with a 43% reduction in those triglycerides. That is almost twice the amount reduction people usually get by taking cholesterol-lowering medications. The study was led by Dr. Eric Swanson, who also found that patients’ white blood cell counts fell 11% after having a liposuction procedure.

This lowering of triglycerides or “bad fats” in conjunction with reduction of white blood cells are both ways to lower a patient’s risk of heart attacks, obesity, strokes and high blood pressure. Other than these unseen benefits, liposuction has a lot of known benefits, such as:


  • Control your body shape - Liposuction can hit those areas that exercise has no effect on. A patient can override the body shape that was given to them by their genes and shape certain part of their body the way they’d like it to be.


  • A better chance of the fat staying gone - After a patient has a removal of fat cells, those areas are less likely  to regrow the same cells in the same “problem areas.” A patient that has had liposuction has to stay on a strict diet and exercise regiment since fat cells from other areas of the body can spread to the sections you’ve had the procedure on.


  • Newfound confidence - Liposuction will give you a newfound sense of confidence in yourself and in your own body.


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